Our History

Looking for industrial hearing transcription? We’ve been at it for over 25 years.

CAS Associates, Inc. is a woman-owned industrial hearing transcription corporation located in Glenwood, Iowa. Formed in 1995, CAS Associates, Inc. originally started operations in the basement of our founder’s home.

Founder, Marcia Cain, started this successful business in the basement of her home in 1995. She managed to secure multiple contracts from various railroad entities and grew the business into what it is today. When asked, Marcia says, “Now we have several company-wide contracts with more than one large railroad. Over the years I’ve learned that railroads are the backbone of America. When railroads are busy, this country is thriving and vice versa. As a result, this industry has ebbs and tides – ups and downs.”

“The reason for our success has been our team is 100% dedicated to providing our managers top-notch service! Luckily, word spreads among the industry! We’ve expanded by adding additional railroads and have been fortunate to work with the State of Iowa in various departments. Our expertise and history of dealing with rule books, disciplinary process, audio/digital files, union agreements (often with very short union agreement timelines) has allowed us to fill a niche for the railroad/transportation industry.”

Recently, after much consideration and soul-searching, Marcia retired and sold “her baby” to Kendra Poorker.

Kendra has worked for CAS Associates since September of 2007. She has worn multiple hats over the years and helped in many areas within CAS. The Transcription Department is where she has always called home though. When first approached about purchasing CAS Associates during “The Lost Year of 2020”, Kendra was hesitant to commit with all that our world was going through. However, in time, she knew that the answer was clear. CAS is a wonderful business, one Marcia has poured her heart and soul into over the years, with opportunity to grow in the future. Kendra hopes to take the business to new heights, but knows such achievement is only possible by building off the solid foundation created by Marcia Cain.

Providing quality, timely service to our vendors is what we do, who we’ve been and who we will continue to be.

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