Quality Standards

Quality Standards

Because many of our transcripts are used for legal purposes in arbitration-type situations, we are committed to provide a very high-quality interpretation of the spoken word. Of course, the final product is dependent upon the quality of the recording.

We have two standards of quality:

Clean Verbatim – After years of working in this area, we have adopted a quality standard called “clean verbatim”. This means that we strive to omit stuttering and the um’s and uh’s as these appear to disrupt content and make the text difficult to understand.

Actual Verbatim – There are times when the stuttering and the um’s and uh’s need to be included, we can easily adapt to that, which we call “actual verbatim” standard.

Our transcriptionists have learned to adapt to both styles as some of our customers prefer one style over the other.  We will adapt to the needs of our customers regarding verbatim style.